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One of my specialties is photographing the beauty of nature. I have always used my favorites soothing images of nature in my massage therapy office (my other occupation), and I never get tired of looking at the photographs that show movement–especially those of water flowing. Images of flowers, water, animals, the beauty of the natural world make for perfect art for healthcare offices. People who are in waiting room environments in hospitals, doctor’s offices, rehab facilities–whether they be patients or loved ones of patients–they are stressed, and the soothing images of the real world outside can have a truly beneficial affect.!i=1124241892&k=qrRDNHL

Stunning and fascinating close-ups of flowers enliven this doctor’s office waiting room.

A recent installation at the office of Dr. Zoe Weinstein in Kingston, NY brought this response: “Our patients look uplifted and moved by B’s photographs in our medical offices. The images provide a connection to nature and animals that’s so welcome in this clinical setting. We love the photos filling our walls, and we also love seeing our patients’ delighted responses.”

"Images of nature are uplifting in this clinical setting." ~ Dr. Zoe Weinstein

“Images of nature are uplifting in this clinical setting.” ~ Dr. Zoe Weinstein


These images bring color and life into waiting areas of medical offices.

These images bring color and life into waiting areas of medical offices.

In “Picture of Health: Handbook for Healthcare Art,” family practice physician and excellent photographer Henry Domke writes that he was “. . . captivated by research that shows that some art has the power to enhance healing–it can reduce blood pressure, reduce the sensation of pain, and minimize the need for pain medication.”

That seems amazing, and yet it’s so obvious–we love looking at beauty, and we respond viscerally to it.

Hudson Valley fine art photographer B. Docktor specializes in creating images of nature and the landscape that are stunningly beautiful, and peaceful. These images have a soothing and healing quality that make them perfectly suited for art for healthcare environments: hospitals, medical offices, spas, rehab facilities. Please call me at 518-329-6239 to discuss a custom installation for your environment. View portfolio:

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