Great dog for adoption

This post is written by my dear friend Kathleen Corby who volunteers at Animal Farm Foundation, the wonderful organization that does so much great work on behalf of “pit bull” dogs. That is where I got John Boy from, and when they ask me for a favor, I am happy to give something back to this great rescue and advocacy group.

Kathleen wrote: I am looking for the perfect forever home for the best boy in the whole world. His name is MUMFORD. As a volunteer at AFF, I spend a lot of time with Mumford (don’t tell the other dogs, but he is my very favorite!). And I am not alone on this–he actually has the title of “Volunteer Favorite.” Mumford has also done some volunteering of his own, educating local school students about dogs. So if you are curious, yes, Mumford is great with kids! (but not too crazy about cats!)

Mumford makes me laugh out loud every day. He loves to go for walks, run and romp within a fenced in yard, snuggle, chew bones and learn. He’s so smart, he has a BA graduate degree from APDT’s C.L.A.S.S. program! Not bad for a shelter dog you may say. Well not bad for a deaf dog either! Yes, Mumford is deaf, but that doesn’t stop him one little bit from enjoying his life to the fullest!

In the hopes of getting him adopted, I asked B to drop by AFF to make some photographs of Mumford showing off all the signs he knows (like “SIT”, “DOWN”, “STAY”, “SHAKE”, “LEAVE IT”, and “WAIT AT DOOR” to name just a few — see, I told you he was smart!). With a face as handsome as Mumford’s we couldn’t bring in just any old photographer — a handsome model deserves the best person behind the lens! By the end of the shoot, Mumford had us laughing as usual as he played “Find It” under his platform.  

Mumford will make the best loyal lifetime friend. I promised him the perfect family and I will not quit until he finds them. Check him out on AFF’s Adoption site: Are you the one Mumford’s been waiting for?

Click here for more info on this beautiful boy. Do you know a deaf dog? Please leave a comment.


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  1. Hanna says:

    Mumford is such a vibrant personality. Not much gets him down. He is always a happy boy. I hope one day soon he finds the people he is meant to be with. Thanks B for taking these beautiful images of him. He is such a hunk.

  2. admin says:

    My friend Hilary wrote: “I have found, now having had 2 deaf companion dogs, that it is absolutely no problem. The relationship may even create a deeper bond than with a hearing dog because the animal really looks to the human for cues and direction, a lot more eye contact is necessary to communicate…. and it is so worth it! I trained my hearing dog to the same command signals as his deaf “sister” and it has just become the way “our pack” communicates. There is no set “doggie sign language”, that I know of anyway, whatever signals work for a dog and the family. As with any training, consistency is key. (This doesn’t mean that I don’t also talk to my dogs….. or that they they do not talk back! We’re family, after all.)”

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