Hudson Valley Pet Photography

Hudson Valley pet photography video. This is my dog John Boy. I got him from Animal Farm Foundation in Dutchess County, NY whose mission is to secure equal treatment and opportunity for “pit bull” dogs. I hope you’ll enjoy seeing the antics of my photogenic little JB. He and his family of 7 pups were taken from a cruelty investigation in Ohio, and since there were 7, Animal Farm named them after the Waltons.

I wasn’t intending to get a puppy, but his cuteness won me over. The second time I met him, I brought my camera and as soon as I started to focus on him, he perked up and practically said, “I’ll pose!” I’ve been telling him all along he’s going to be my meal ticket, and in fact I did win a big contest with my photo lab, Simply Color, with a picture of John Boy and his pit bull friend Maya.

I love photographing the animals, the people, and the places you want to hold onto. There’s an urgency and importance in doing that. Our pets don’t live nearly long enough!

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