P.J. Clarke’s

The owner of the P.J. Clarke’s restaurants, Phil Scotti, told me that P.J. Clarke’s has the best bartenders in Manhattan. He wanted me to use my ability to capture real moments, to show people at their best, and to convey what really goes on in photographs for the P.J. Clarke’s website. What a fun job! I spent a few days going from their legendary original location at 915 Third Avenue, to the vibrant 44 West 63rd restaurant across from Lincoln Center, to the P.J. Clarke’s on the Hudson at 4 World Financial Center. At each place, I could see why people love to go there–everyone is welcoming, the food is great, and the bartenders are so friendly! I really enjoyed watching them interact with the folks at the bar. Not that I have spent much time hanging out at bars–but I never before had seen bartenders saying hello and shaking hands. I also love the classic look–all in white shirt and black tie. There is a timeless feel about these bars–especially the uptown locations. I love making photographs that stand the test of time, and I think these photos will do that. I never get tired of looking at a photo that makes me smile, and these images do that for me–it’s hard to tell what year it is, and there’s sense of joy and connection that comes through these bartenders’ faces. Have any great stories about hanging out at P.J. Clarke’s? 

PJ Clarkes bartenders

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  1. tom says:

    Fantastic photos B! You are your father’s daughter as regards the arts and you excel in the art of photography. Have been to PJ Clarke’s and you capture the bar action re the mixologists perfectly! And as one who has been known to frequent a bar or two over the years both in NYC and back home in Jersey, getting to know the bartenders is the most important experience in going into any pub!

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