Photography of B. Docktor at Roe Jan Library Sept 6-Oct 4

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The photography of B. Docktor will be featured at the Roe Jan Library September 4-October 6, 2013. The opening reception is September 6 from 5:30-7:30 and the library is at 9091  Rt. 22 in Hillsdale NY, about a mile south of the Rt. 22/23 intersection.

Versatile Ancram photographer, B. Docktor photographs everything from families to animals, landscapes and nature, to weddings, performances and events. Whether the subject is people or nature, her work always brings the comment: “Wow, that’s stunningly gorgeous!” She has a knack for capturing the most essential moments that convey the spirit and beauty of what she sees. 

To help the Roe Jan Library celebrate its 100th anniversary, Docktor donated many hours to making a community portrait of the people who make up the library community. She photographed staff, reading groups, performances, workshops, donors, artists, writers, individuals using the library, and many groups who volunteer in various ways to serve the library. “I wanted to create a portrait of this very giving, diverse, and extremely talented community who use and serve the library.” 

“For the library exhibit, I am putting up photographs that feature the beauty of our area, as well as selections from the RJCL Community Portrait. I love where I live, and I so enjoy making images that show off our landscape, nature and animals. We’ll also have a slideshow of the RJCL Community Portrait playing during the opening reception which I hope will foster conversation and connection between people who may recognize each other, but don’t really know each other,” said Docktor. 

The show is called “Essential Moments,” and runs from the opening reception 5-7pm on September 6 to October 4.


Hudson Valley fine art photographer B. Docktor specializes in creating images of nature and the landscape that are stunningly beautiful, and peaceful. These images have a soothing and healing quality that make them perfectly suited for your home or office, and art for healthcare environments: hospitals, medical offices, spas, rehab facilities. Please call me at 518-329-6239 to discuss a custom installation. View portfolio:

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