Preserving The Essence of Something Happening Now

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A Need To Make Photographs


B. Docktor dog photographer-6Why do I feel a need to make photographs? I always have. And it’s hard to put it into words. It feels so important to me . . . to preserve the essence of something happening now in a way that thrills, to spark our memories later, to show future generations who we are, what and who we love. This week, a tragic fire struck a family that I know from having photographed their dog Santiago (above), for The Unexpected Pit Bull 2014 Calendar. The fire took the lives of six of their precious dogs. 



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Kara & Erich train dogs, perform with the dogs, and foster dogs in need. Kara’s sister set up a YouCaring page to help raise money to get them back on their feet. 
She wrote:
“Kara and Erich are, to say the least, animal lovers. I have never met two people so dedicated to helping out the furry friends of the world. They teach classes, they put on shows, they honestly LOVE what they do. With that, they also foster dogs in need. Quite often, they end up not only being foster “parents” but adoptive parents. Last night their family went from 2 people and 16 dogs to 2 people and hopefully 10 dogs.”

Erich & Santiago

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B. Docktor dog photographer-12The day before Thanksgiving, I went down to Millbrook to help look for their dog Betty who had been missing since the fire– 2 nights and a day. Thank goodness she showed around 1pm, right at the house. You can see more from this session by clicking any photo, or the link below
My heart goes out to Erich & Kara–such a devastating loss.

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2 Responses to “Preserving The Essence of Something Happening Now”

  1. Michelle Paulucci says:

    Such beautiful pictures. They capture the spirit of these dogs. The love Kara and Erich have for their babies is unmeasurable! God speed!!!

  2. Michelle Paulucci says:

    Such beautiful pictures! They truly capture the spirit of these dogs. The love Kara and Erich have for their babies is immeasurable! Til you all meet again. God speed!

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