Welcome to my new blog, today’s focus: Family Photography

I intend to make this a place of sharing my photography and telling about the people and places that move me to pick up a camera and make something beautiful.

I want to start by telling a little of how I came to care so deeply about photographs. My father, Irv Docktor, illustrated many books in the 1950’s and many of those were childrens’ books. As Norman Rockwell did at the same time period, my dad often photographed models in the schemes he needed to illustrate. My mother and brothers and I appeared in these photos which got turned into his book illustrations. So my dad was a very good photographer and we had a darkroom at home. I was agitating film development canisters and watching images come up when I was 5 years old. As you can imagine, I have many precious images that mean so much to me. And I have always been very aware of how much our memories are influenced by our photographs. If you want to have beautiful memories, it helps to have beautiful photographs!  Here’s an example of one of my dad’s photos of me, and a piece that was in The Illustrated Book of American Folklore, published in 1957. The night he started that sketch, I went into his studio at 3AM and said, “Dad, I can’t sleep.” And he said, “good, then you can pose for me.”

This was me. Photo by Irv Docktor

Illustration for American Folklore Book by Irv Docktor

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