Youth Travel Fund Promotional Video

I recently met an amazing woman who is about to embark on a mind-blowing project. Rosalynn Frederick is going to run across the USA to raise funds for disadvantaged youth so that they can travel with their schools and youth groups. She has served in the Peace Corps and her life has been shaped by her travels. After teaching Spanish for seven years, she decided to push herself to the limit and do something that will have major impact on the lives of kids who would not normally get to travel. I so admire her! We did a photo session here in Ancram last month, and we’ve made a video to explain what she is up to. Hopefully this kind of promotional video will really help her to raise funds and bring awareness to this fantastic endeavor. I loved every part of this–getting to know someone who is up to doing BIG things, making great photos of a runner, and creating a video that is beautiful and has a higher purpose. To learn more about the fund, and to donate: click here.

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  1. Moloy Dey says:

    Hey…congrats Rosalynn Frederick for your ambitious venture. I cannot help by donating but I am the director at and I create promotional videos. Let me know if there is something I can help you with.

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