Baby and family photography in NY, NJ

We have a new family member, and I had the great honor of photographing his bris and our families’ joy over new life, and a new generation. I have been doing more baby and family photography in NY and NJ and it’s such a pleasure to witness and document the love and emotion of families. Especially fun to see my family and our 4 generations!

natural on-location family event photography NY, NJ

Family photographer on location in NJ, NY

Doesn’t this kid have great-looking great-grandparents? My mom, 2nd from left, the best looking 91-year old ever!

on-location family photography Hudson Valley

Hudson Valley creative portrait photographer B. Docktor specializes in capturing the spirit, beauty and joy of your family. Photos full of love and life–for the time of your life in pictures–call B at 518-329-6239.

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