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Last week I went to my Fort Lee High School reunion. I know many folks who hated their high school experience, so I feel very fortunate that I loved my high school years, and have many great friends from Fort Lee. I am so lucky–I have friends I’ve known since kindergarten, and still keep in touch with. I always felt that my class was full of very creative, really fun, and smart people. Everyone seemed so genuinely happy to see each other, and I was touched by how much warmth and kindness and fun was present.

I didn’t make that many photos because I was very busy talking and dancing. I love being a party photographer, but this time it was more important to me to be in the party.

I got a huge kick out of dancing with my high school friends because when I was in high school I was totally inhibited about dancing, and I never, ever, EVER danced then. Now, as you many know, I can’t stop dancing. My friend Marvin said, “you’re dancing even when you’re standing still.” I liked that. Got to keep moving!  Here are Debbie, Sophia, Nancy and Joanne shakin’ it up.

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